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Properties from low price ranges:

$60,000 to $450,000

Zero Down Rent to Own Program

By surfing this site you are taking the much needed step towards home ownership with little out of pocket expenses and without the need for excellent credit. The zero down rent to own program is excellent for people who don’t have a good credit score and may need some temporary help to get their credit back on track before they make the largest purchase of their life.. We can help visitors with bad credit, fair credit, no credit bankruptcies 11, 13 and other problems they may not be aware of. Because of the diffcult financial climates during the pandemic we have connected with affiliates, home lenders and credit repair agencies to help structure a good A to Z program that will help insure that your homeownership dreams becomes completely satisfied step by step.

How It Works

After signing up for the 7 day trial for $1.00 you can begin browsing homes in you area until you discover a home or a realtor that fits your compatability. Some properties may not be available and some homes will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. After you contact the owner or realtor you want to have the realtor write you up a lease option to purchase agreement. These terms vary between 2 years to 3 years which typically gives you enough time to help fix either you income requirements or repair your credit. We do have a couple good credit repair agencies to recommend to you and the average credit repair price is $100 which is small comparing to how much you can do with a high credit score like getting any credit card you want. Speaking of which we have some credit building credit cards available as well. These secured cards is what we recommend to pay groceries utilites and anything useful to help build up your credit history. After your rent term has passed you want to then make sure you homeloan is approved so you can finally kiss your landlord good-bye!

Bad credit or Challenging Credit?

Going with a rent to own program will allow you to strenghten and remove negative items while paying your monthly rent obligation at the same time living and enjoying your future home. Nothing can be more convient than one of these lease option to purchase contracts.


No matter what kind of bankruptcy you have had, if it has been discharged or not, rent to own programs can and will accept your credit history. However most banks will still need to see your credit recovered and your bankruptcy discharged for at least 12 months.

NO Credit rating or Credit histroy

Here at Rent to Own Assistance (dot) org we aim to help you improve your credit history and increase your credit score no matter where you are currently at in your situation. Just hit the Orange button above to get started on the path of home-ownership.